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Crush Art

Looking for a new business?

What if you took a trumpet that was too broken to play, put it under a piece of thick plywood, and drove your car over it? It would be crushed, right? Then, if you carefully mounted it on a background of some sort, put that in a frame, you’d have an interesting wall hanging, wouldn’t you?

I believe people would pay good money for crush art.

What else could you crush? I’m thinking of a wide assortment of musical instruments, but surely there are other things. Do you remember Jimmy Olson’s camera? He was Clark Kent’s photographer. It was a Speed Graphic press camera with bellows and lots of intricate metal parts. Great crush art, don’t you think? What if you run over your old cell phone? Crush art!

As far as display, you could mount your art on a wall as-is, or you might hot glue the pieces to a black, red, golden, velvet, burlap, veneer, or bronze background in a wooden frame. You might display your crushed art on a painted or collaged background. Use your imagination!

I believe it would be easy to get raw materials – broken things – on eBay. I believe you might be able to sell your crushes on eBay as well. You might find it even more profitable to sell your crushes in art galleries, and even places where art in general, let alone crush art, is not expected. For instance, you might be able to consign some crush art to a restaurant where they’ll sell it to their patrons.


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