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Atlas Shrugged Quiz

Find out how much you know about Atlas Shrugged in this fun little 10-question quiz.

8 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged Quiz

  1. Great quiz!

  2. I didn’t know she was thinking of calling it The Strike. Atlas Shrugged is definitely a better name. Love the quiz. 😃

  3. Cute quiz!
    Atlas Shrugged=magnum opus?
    Nah. More like
    Atlas Shrugged=The Fountainhead on steroids

  4. Anyone who says they don’t like Atlas Shrugged hasn’t read Atlas Shrugged. Or they read it and didn’t understand it at all.

  5. I sometimes wonder why Ayn didn’t include in her story the structure of the United States government? I don’t believe she mentions the US president, vice-president, secretary of state, senators, congressmen or anyone of that sort throughout the story.

    1. She wouldn’t want to use the real president’s name (the man who was president at the time). If she made up a president’s name, that would be maybe a little weird.

  6. It’s so interesting how Jim Taggart and the rest of the looters are constantly preaching about the public good, but the people who they call selfish are actually the ones who help the “public” the most.

  7. Loveeeee it!

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